Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors

We're here for the dreamers, goal setters + those paving a path for their future. Why? ... 

because 'te lo has ganado'.

We're on a path to provide Latino students and their parents with comprehensive and empathetic guidance during all the challenging stages of college-preparation and a practical and informative roadmap to help you navigate through today’s competitive college application process. 

It’s our goal to help you go from being unprepared and confused to achieving all your post-secondary dreams!


College Consejos’ services are ideal for high school students and their parents seeking knowledge, tools, and resources that can align the high school experience with long-term educational and career goals.

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I'm Daliza

I'm an educator, an encourager, and an advocate for kids who want to continue their studies beyond high school. I guess you can say that 'es la pasión de mi vida' to help students achieve their post-secondary dreams! Y padres, I want you to know up front that I'm committed to helping you make wise decisions that have your children's best interests in mind. 

I strongly identify with the term 'third culture kid." I'm a native New Yorker con raices el la República Dominicana - I took the subway during the school year and spent summers in Santiago. No soy ni de aqui ni de alla!

As I think back, I recognize that I was privileged growing up. My mother was born in the USA, and although she did not attend college herself, she understood that for me to succeed, she'd have to enroll me in "the good schools". She also spoke English at home; therefore it was my first language; I learned Spanish from my abuelos, family y pues claro merengue, bachata y salsa!

Simply put, I was fortunate to have the right tools to navigate in this country/culture. In appreciation of my grandparents' sacrifices I continued my post-high school education and graduated from Queens College, CUNY, with a Bachelor's in Psychology degree. I then went on to earn a Masters of School Counseling from NYU.


Our Services

Did you know that your child’s college options are directly related to the choices they make in high school? 

College Prep Webinars

These entertaining, short webinars are designed for students grades 8 through 11 and their families. Since they’re live, you’ll be able to ask your questions in real time!

Consultation Sessions

We offer various consultation sessions ranging from 'College Readiness Prep' to 'College Admissions Assistance'.

We can gear a session to your needs.

Palabras Amables / Kind Words


“Ms Sanchez was my guiding light through a tunnel full of doubts, uncertainties, and overwhelm;
She is not only a guidance counselor she’s a friend, teacher, mother, hero but most importantly she’s an amazing person, words fall short to describe her.”

Rodis A. | West Palm Beach, FL

Rodis A. | West Palm Beach, FL


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